13442315_10154247719182296_3896929798357853454_nThat’s my challenge to myself. So I thought I would make it public and then report on all the actions I take to get to my goal (and all the things I do to sabotage it).

What’s the plan? I am going to follow Joe WIck’s Lean in 15 so essentially no processed carbs and lots of protein and healthy fats. In addition, I will run 3 times a week and swim/gym 3 times as well as keeping my average steps at 10,000 a day. I have enlisted two diet buddies – Jill Tupper and Emily CD to keep me on track.

Off to a good start this week and have already lost 1.6 kilos. It’s amazing what happens when you stop eating tubs of Salted Caramel Haagen Das!   I have run three times including this morning. Exercise session 4 will be later as I’m trying out a new Leisure Centre and going for a swim. I also walked 2.5 miles in my lunch break. Long may it continue – well at least until January !



I ended my post Blogging with “Let’s see how it goes.” and the answer is not very well. I haven’t managed to post regularly. Too busy doing not writing will be my excuse. Admiring Gill, Rob and Sally who all manage to blog on a regular basis. I am only writing this morning to avoid cleaning the kitchen and bathroom after a whole day of housework yesterday. We need a smaller house.


I have had three theatre trips in the last month. The first was to Miss Saigon. When it started I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it. Opening in a brothel didn’t seem a very promising start and I wasn’t convinced by the two characters who fall in love overnight. However, there were some amazing dance routines and the helicopter scene was very impressive. Starting the show with a glass of fizz was fun.


All in all a lovely evening out including a visit to my favourite pre-theatre restaurant, Cotes Brasserie. I was going to blog about this too but ate all the food without remembering to take photos. I eat there at least once a month so will save it for another time.

I really enjoy smaller off West End theatre so December was a real treat with a trip to both Jermyn Street and the White Bear.

The Green Bay Tree at the Jermyn Street Theatre starred the son of our Head of Service and was just my thing. Written in the 30’s it told the story of a young man torn between his mentor and girlfriend. It was brilliantly acted and the anger was frighteningly real. Rather bizarre to be one of just 5 women in the audience though. The play was a little Oscar Wilde, Picture of Dorian Gray, and very popular with gay men. Loved the theatre which was a little more comfortable than the White Bear although it was rather odd to have to cross the stage to reach the toilets.

The White Bear is my favourite small theatre and I have enjoyed everything I’ve seen there – the best being Diary of A Nobody. It’s just a room at the back of a pub with two rows of benches so Twelth Night was quite an uncomfortable experience. This month’s offering was Christmas by Simon Stephens and followed four characters during an evening in an East End pub. Although enjoyable I wasn’t quite sure what its message was but found this interview with the playwright which explained.

Interestingly he also wrote the stage version of the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. I haven’t seen this yet but Blythe saw it last autumn.

Next up is The Picture of Dorian Gray at the White Bear at the end of January.


Just before I started my leave my lovely boss took his two assistants out for lunch at Dishoom. He has been promising us this treat for a while as apparently they have authentic biryani where rice and meat are cooked together in same pot. He was choosing the menu for us but we did get to choose our own drinks. I chose rose and cardamom lassi – what wonderful colours the drinks were.


The restaurants are based on the Old Bombay cafés and I loved the decor.  It had the feel of faded grandeur (of the Raj?).


The food was gorgeous too. Spicy deep fried okra was one of my favourite dishes.


The restaurant is in very trendy Shoreditch so we weren’t too surprised to see this strange window display.





I have really enjoyed blogging about my trip to Rwanda so am going to try and keep up this blog in future. I set it up planning to write about my time living and working in London. Two years and nine months later it has only this post!

The title comes from a bus stop I pass regularly on my way to work in Bow – for the 339 bus to Fish Island. It sounded a fascinating place, especially as the stop is in a built up area with nowhere for fish or islands (although the Isle of Dogs is not far away).

green bay

This blog is likely to be full of tales of trips to the theatre, art galleries and museums as that is how I spend most of my spare time in London. I have four theatre trips planned in the next few weeks. Miss Saigon (http://www.miss-saigon.com) a week tomorrow with a friend and ex colleague from Gloucestershire and an as yet unplanned theatre trip with a very dear friend from East Sussex who is visiting me at the end of the month. In early December I will be watching The Green Bay Tree at the Jermyn Street Theatre, starring the son of our Head of Service (http://www.jermynstreettheatre.co.uk/whatson.html#thegreenbaytree) followed by Christmas at my favourite off West End theatre, the White Bear in Kennington (http://whitebeartheatre.co.uk/event/details/christmas-by-simon-stephens/).


Let’s see how I do.